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We have made your decision a lot easier.  Say good-bye to those generic treatment plans that so many clinics offer.  We offer many different therapies to help you overcome your pain or injury and we are one of only a few medical offices in the entire Chicago area to provide the most advanced technology for pain control and the promotion of healing.  Call our office today to set up your appointment and find out why 9 out of every 10 of our patients come from our satisfied patients.

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We have the science, research, and the clinical experience to help you.  

Just recently, we helped a 63-year-old man become pain-free in his low back after multiple physical therapy and orthopedic visits.  We helped a 67-year-old woman get back to her daily activities pain-free for the first time in over 20 years!  We tell everyone to be skeptical about the laser therapy, but when they feel it working and making a difference in their life, it’s hard not to believe how well it can work.  Read the following patient testimonial and call our office for a medical evaluation to see if the laser therapy can help you.  

“Dr. Koldenhoven,

Following is my testimonial for the cold laser treatment.

I am a 72-year-old male who is still an active full time faculty member teaching a full load. Due to a severe trauma to my lower back suffered during a motorcycle crash 45 years ago, I have developed severe chronic arthritis in my lower back. Over the past dozen years I have tried just about every treatment option short of surgery for pain relief. These include various exercise regimens, and dietary supplements, acupuncture, steroid injections, various types of chiropractic treatments, massage, body tilting devices and you name it. Frankly, up until now the only thing that has brought me some  partial relief has been rigorous exercise to strengthen my abdominal muscles which helps to take the pressure off my lower back.

About a month ago I received a flyer from Dr. Mark Koldenhoven Jr. (who by the way was the person who told me what particular piece of exercise equipment to buy for the exercise described above) lauding the benefits of cold laser therapy. I thought,”What the heck, I tried everything else, what have I got to lose”.

After just one treatment that lasted about five minutes, I was pain-free.

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This is our most recent patient testimonial.  We were very happy to help this patient get back to playing golf.  What he didn’t say was that he was able to play 9 rounds of golf in 11 days without pain!

In early June 2011, I suffered an injury to my elbow, commonly known as “golfer’s elbow”.  It was so painful that I could not swing a golf club without intense pain and I thought my golfing was over for the summer.  I went to one of the top orthopedic doctors in the Chicago suburbs who told me these injuries can take 3 to 6 months to recover from.  He referred me to see Dr. Koldenhoven at Injury and Recovery Center who confirmed the diagnosis and treated me with cold laser therapy, electrical stim, and soft tissue massage for a period of 3 weeks.  He also gave me exercises to do with my injured arm and taught me how to protect it from further injury.  Due to Dr. Koldenhoven’s treatments, I was able to resume my golfing and actually play without pain or further injury.  Dr. Koldenhoven’s advanced laser treatments in addition to his traditional care produced amazing results in a very short period of time.  I am glad to know he is on the cutting edge of treatment for injuries using the latest technology.  Thanks Dr. K!

Severe L5 Disc Herniation- Patient Testimonial

This is our latest patient testimonial.  Call our office today to have your consultation and hopefully avoid surgery.

“After being diagnosed with a herniated disc (L5) compressing against the sciatic nerve, I sought relief from different sources:  6 weeks of fundamental physical therapy and two spinal cord injections by an orthopedic doctor.  Time elapsed without any relief to my debilitating condition.  After conferring with a spinal cord surgeon from Hinsdale Hospital, the conclusion after a thorough investigation, including X-rays and MRIs, was surgery.

The bell kept ringing in my head of other possible options.  Being a bit inquisitive and stubborn due to my Polish up-bringing, I decided to consult a chiropractor; even though chiropractic science is considered as a second rate citizen by the medical field.  After some investigation and personal visits to different offices, the Injury & Recovery Center was my choice.  Improvement was not immediate, but hope was in the air.  After 3 weeks of laser therapy, guided exercises and specific movements, the pain noticeably began to subside.  Hope and glee began to grow within me!  This may be the answer!  With continuous, but less frequent visits, I am almost at a pain-free state.  Great news!

Thank you Dr. Koldenhoven!  I intend to be under your guidance for some time- as the need arises.”

-Lester W.